Freedom Festival - The Vigil - 4th May 2021-61


10 minutes with Sean Alton - Freedom Festival Arts Trust Ambassador and The Hull Vigil Companion.

Sean was one of our first companions taking part in the Hull Vigil and we were keen to find out why he wanted to take part and what exactly the role of the companion is.

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Freedom Festival - The Hull Vigil - sunset Vigil. Image credit Tom Arran


Keeping watch over the city: The Hull Vigil begins

At 7.30pm tomorrow (Monday 3 May) a 365-day Vigil will begin in Hull as the sun sets and a Vigil keeps a silent watch over the city from inside a glass and wooden shelter located on the rooftop of Hull College.

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Built by the city for the city

Hull Esteem and its partners have joined forces with Freedom Festival to bring The Hull Vigil to life through generous donations of time, expertise and resources.

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From Munich to Hull!

The Munich Vigil began at sunset on 12 December 2020. This performance will run until 12 December 2021, so will overlap with The Hull Vigil connecting the two cities through a shared international experience.

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Freedom Festival - Dyr Sister - 27th July 2020-136


Hull you're amazing!

At 10am on 1 March 2021, we opened the bookings for The Hull Vigil and in seven hours and seven minutes all of the 730 places had been reserved.

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Vigil 2 (1)


Will you be taking part in The Hull Vigil?

From 10am on 1 March 2021 you can reserve your place by signing up to The Hull Vigil.

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The opening of The Munich Vigil

Connecting Hull with Munich! The Munich Vigil begins.

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Vigil 1


Performances bring hope and optimism to Hull

Freedom Festival announces spring programme.

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