Freedom Festival - The Hull Vigil view  west across the city. Image credit Tom Arran

Each vigil holds watch, together we stand.

A unique structure designed for the city of Hull by Benjamin Tovo, the shelter is where The Hull Vigil takes place.

Located on top of Hull College’s Campus overlooking Queens Gardens and the William Wilberforce Statue, the shelter has been constructed by Hull-based engineering firms. Made by Hull for Hull, for the first time, the shelter has been built to give unobstructed views to the east and west.

Standing alone but together, the vigil will step inside the wood and glass structure, without their phone or other distraction, to watch over the city for an hour at sunrise and sunset - looking out across the Humber to the east, the urban spread to the north and out across the suburbs and countryside to the west.

Illuminated during the hour of each Vigil, the shelter is fully accessible.

Further instructions will be given to participants about where to meet and how to enter the building. 

Directions to the Shelter

The shelter is located on the rooftop of Hull College on Wilberforce Drive Hull (HU1 3DG). Companions and vigils will need to make their own way to Hull College. On street (metered) parking is available on the streets nearby. Further details will be provided by the Freedom Festival team.  

The shelter will be visible from many vantage points in the city including Queens Gardens. It will be illuminated throughout the performance.  

About the Scenographer

The shelter for The Hull Vigil has been created by French designer, Benjamin Tovo. 

Benjamin trained with ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres and ENSCI - Les Ateliers in France. In search of simple, striking and enveloping expressions, he pays as much attention to the circulation and practicality of the place as to the accuracy of its lines, textures, colours and highlights.


Vigil 2

Image credit: Benjamin Tovo.

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