Posted: 05/05/22

Sunset 26 April - Florence Holloway

The hour went by much faster than I thought it would and I spent most of the time whistling different tunes – the acoustics are brilliant!  I definitely didn’t consider that aspect.

I sat watching a half clear, half cloudy sky across both views.  I swapped between the two windows quite a few times.  I spent a lot of time thinking about my experiences near my house in East Hull and the others in town and with my new(er) friends in West.  It was especially impactful to think of all my experiences in each area and with the thought in the back of my mind that soon I will call a different city my home when I move to Uni.  But I love it here.

Sunset was quick and beautiful.

I carried on enjoying the sound of my whistling until Nigel came back and the hour was sadly over!


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