Posted: 05/05/22

Sunrise 29 April - Gavin Barley

As I entered the shelter the first thoughts and visuals immediately revert to work.  Where are we putting the crane to remove the exhibition? – STOP!  A sign of the crazy world in which we have existed over the last couple of years.  Slowly allow your thoughts to drift, take in the sounds of the city, the views, the historical buildings, the industry and breathe.

We seldom afford ourselves time, time to reflect, think, remember – recollect.

Things – memories of my vigil, a city that never sleeps – historical buildings, green vegetation – life.

My final thought goes to colleagues and friends who are abseiling down the K2 Building today for charity, reminding us all that there are still many good people in this world willing to help others less fortunate or in need.

Thank you.


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