Posted: 07/05/22

Sunset 1 May 2022 - Robert Baker

An unspectacular sunset on a quiet Sunday evening formed a backdrop to a quite surreal experience.  Not being local and having minimal history and personal points of reference with the town, the skyline offered little beyond the bridge and the port yet I quickly became fascinated by the streetlights and the metronomic neon flashes of various nearby venues.  Could I be seen?  Well yes, but we’ll come back to that. 

Did I want to be seen?  Well I guess it would make me feel like less of a voyeur – a feeling I tempered through inventing fanciful backstories for the numerous people who I was able to keep in view for longer than any normal vantage point would have offered. 

I was forced to look outwardly, something I spend very little time doing.  I wanted the experience to teach me something but beyond realising that without a watch I have no concept of time and the fact that maybe I’m not as scared of heights as I thought, the Eureka moment was maybe how much I thoroughly enjoyed being out of my comfort zone.  

Thank you to my Companion Meg and to everyone involved in being able to participate in such a unique experience. 

Oh, and a gentleman showed me his backside.  But that’s Hull for you. 


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