Posted: 05/05/22

Sunset 29 April - Victoria Bissett

That was very emotional and a beautiful experience.  Thank you.

It was a real treat to be as high as the seagulls, to watch them squabble over the best advantage points on the corners of the buildings.

I was able to enjoy a reflection of the last 30 years, the reason I came to Hull in 1991 to attend the art school (beneath my feet) from where we would go en masse to the Old White Hart pub and The City pub to enjoy a £1.50 pint of beer.

I met my husband in The City pub and we were married a few steps away at St Mary’s Church on Lowgate.

There is so much this city has given me.

My children were born in Hull Royal Infirmary and now this place is their home too.

As the sun set I reflected on my mom and dad dropping me off here.  I am grateful to Hull for giving me such lovely memories to treasure.

I think you should re-name it the Memory Unlocking Box.

Thank you.


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