Posted: 05/05/22

Sunset 28 April - Sarah Laidlaw

I did it!

The first thing I asked my Companion Nigel was, ‘Has anyone ever backed out of it before?’!

As I stepped inside, all I could focus on was the smell of wood; it really had a calming effect!

I sat rooted to the chair assured it was ‘on solid ground’.  In those first five minutes had there been an eject button it would have been pressed!!

I focussed on my breathing and before long I was stood up watching the world go by.  It was so peaceful and calm, not even the clouds were moving.  A lone white bird kept swooping past the box.

Leaving the box and reflecting on the experience – one I am sure I will not have the privilege to do again – I am proud I got to have the experience and I achieved the whole Watch.  This memory will stay with me for many, many years and I am sure, over the next few days, I will reflect more on what I saw and how I felt.

Thank you to all involved who made this possible.  XX


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