Posted: 07/05/22

Sunset 2 May - Kate Ogram

Boxed, through choice! 


One box, for one hour, over one city.  A city of two halves with two views divided by a mucky river.  I stand across east and west, as usual a hybrid of the two.  Born a pink rose, of a Lancastrian mum and my dad, a Hull lad, who brought his family back home to take up employment at the Tech on the floor below the Vigil shelter.  Back home, but for him on the ‘wrong’ side of the mucky river, I was raised in the west with the spirit of the east within me and frequent stays and visits to grandparents on Ings Road; still frequented these days for visits to my excellent friends who are tonight’s Companions.  Of course, the east/west dichotomy was never more stark than on the day, 42 years tomorrow, when Steve’s nine points and Roger’s one, gladdened the hearts of Robins.  Especially those at schools in the west who had the smuggest smiles in class after that final Rovers Sunday, Tigers Saturday.  I can see the home of Hull City AFC in the bright but watery light but, with no sun to distract me, I turn to the east. 

I watch the Pride of Rotterdam glide serenely towards the gateway of the estuary and dearly wish I was heading in the same direction as it fades into the watercolour horizon.  For final peaceful thoughts I settle my gaze on our bridge.  Our Bridge.  Often my happy place and destination to catch my thoughts and reflect, away from life’s buzz. 

There is little buzz below tonight, a Bank Holiday, streets and parks quiet, swirling seagulls the noisiest interruptions to my solitude.  I realise that the Vigil is not about me, it’s not about us, it’s about us all and I am thankful for that horizon. 

Vielen Dank 

Dank je wel 

Merci bien. 


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