Posted: 05/05/22

Sunrise 27 April - Bernie Wright

Didn’t know really what to expect and was looking forward to an hour of ‘time out’.  Found myself totally preoccupied with a lot of thoughts, (!) things I had forgotten about.  Drawn to the history of Hull at its buildings but then naturally people/dog-watching and enjoying the positivity of everything!  Even the ‘trapezium’ shapes in Queen’s Gardens.

The second half hour was a lot ‘faster’ than the first (!).  I am on a bit of a ‘life adjustment’ at the moment; got quite self-reflective and excited towards the end.  How bizarre (!).  Need to find/create a box somewhere to do this again J.  I am sure there will be other things that pop in my head when I get in the car but feeling a bit spaced out – writer’s block?

Thank you Trish for the ease of your company and Hanna for organising it.


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