Sunset 8 Aug

Posted: 22/08/21

Sunset 8 August 2021 - BARBARA OSBOURNE

Well what a wonderful experience that was.  I could have stayed out there all night.

The clouds were wonderful, the sky was wonderful, the colours were wonderful.  At one point I was singing and looking up and I felt like I was ascended into heaven.

I just cannot put into words my feelings.  There were people below going about their day with probably no conception of what was going on above and what our Lord Jesus is doing for us.

The beauty of our glorious world and our magnificent Hull is completely down to Him and I shall thank Him for the rest of my life for the gifts He gives us.

I prayed for the protection of the people below me.

Thank you Freedom Festival for the opportunity to see this sunset from such a fantastic place.

Hull you are Marvellous.  X

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