Sunset 5 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunset 5 July 2021 - CHRIS HAWES

As I entered the hut the bells of the Minster were ringing and felt like an accompaniment to the start of the vigil.  The sounds then transitioned into the screaming of seagulls, one who wheeled towards the window, veering off at the last minute.

Looking east, a turbine blade was being loaded onto a barge at Siemens, moving imperceptibly slowly, but on looking away and returning, like time lapse photography the blade was closer to its final resting place.

Just as the vigil came to an end, the sun was suddenly visible like a red flash above the top of the Wolds.  This sudden appearance, when I thought all would be grey, seemed like a slash of hope in an otherwise dark world.

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