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Posted: 20/06/21

Sunset 29 May 2021 - Phil Bell

 How lucky was I??  What a sunset, absolutely sensational. 

 Thanks to everyone for organising the vigil.  It was a real treat.  I had put some thought into the event and what I could get out of it.  I am a retired Police Officer and decided I would like to pay tribute to them who have overlooked and kept vigil on the citizens of Hull for the last 200 years.  From the days of the watchmen, the commencement of Hull City Police in 1836 and latterly Humberside Police from 1974 the officers, PCSOs and special constables have kept the citizens safe Tonight was my tribute to reflect on the many officers who dedicated their lives accordingly. 

 The experience was truly about recollection and evolution.  My personal working life was covered in about a quarter of a mile: the Guildhall, and telephone box and the old Queens Gardens Police Station (now flats).  It was a joy to see the residents enjoying a bit of normality again after the last difficult time for everyone.  I knew life was returning when I saw an overweight guy in his 50s with his overweight partner in her 50s attempting to leapfrog the bollards outside the College.  I dare say there was some alcohol involved and it was good to see – you’ve got to love ‘ull.   

 Sleep well and over to the morning shift!!  Thanks again. 

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