Posted: 11/01/22

Sunset 28 November - Lucy Bassett

This should have been called The Cloud Experience!  What a show!

The clouds set the whole tone of this for me, even making a certain song Tiger Striped Sky keep playing over in my mind.

Often I was transported to other worlds in the clouds.  Mostly I was fixated on the colours, shapes, patterns and formations they provided.

New experiences for me were noticing the ripples in the water in Queen’s Gardens and how they reflected the colours in the sky.  The patterns of rain and ice on rooftops, the many different-shaped roofs.  Feeling like I was flying with the birds, drifting with the clouds and watching over the people and their lives.

I felt both invisible and on stage in my own performance at the same time.

I felt like I was a part of the sky and that the clouds were putting on a show especially for me.

For me, this experience will mostly stay with me in colour.  My memories and moments will be heavily centred around colours.  Red, neon orange, grey, dark purple, blue, yellow and gold of the sky, juxtaposed against greys, browns of the buildings and city below.  And how all of the hues of the city changed over time with the sky and time.

The main image I’m taking away is the neon orange slithers between thick dark purple and grey clouds, the golden lines of rainfall beneath.  Just beautiful.  For me, this was a spectacular cloud show.

Thank you!


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