Sunset 25 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunset 25 July 2021 - ANNA DINSDALE

A beautiful, surreal and serene experience.  I had not realised the beautiful and eclectic mix of architecture and buildings around the city.  It was so calm, could only hear the seagulls and a few cars about.  The sunset itself was so beautiful I so really wanted to get a picture, but realised as it was so special I could keep the memory and even paint it one day. 

As the sun rays hit the glass of the Vigil box, a seagull flew past and turned into a glorious red colour and flew its way across to the horizon.  I felt emotional and realised there is so much to our city I have not explored.   I also felt proud that I had this chance to view Hull in such a beautiful way.  Thank you so much for this experience. 

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