Posted: 21/10/21

Sunset 23 September - Carol Osgerby

I was stressed before I went in to the shelter, and hoped for an hour’s calm contemplation.  I was struck first by my proximity to Wilberforce’s statue, below and in front, so I saw only his back. 

The sun was bright behind the clouds and brightness struck Hessle.  Two cormorants passed nearby, one flying to the west, one to the east, both heading for the Humber.  I expected to see starlings but not one of the huge flocks which used to roost in Queen’s Gardens appeared.  A flock of black-headed gulls came to the top pond – to roost?  They gathered around a man on the bench but, not being fed, they dispersed.  To the east, the artists’ studios look intriguing below the glass roof.  There is a large vessel moored in the Humber, near Siemens.  In the gardens, a group of people appeared – four pairs, who stood and conversed; I expected a ball game or perhaps tai chi.  They slowly began to exercise – with ropes, steps, squats, kicks and lunges.  The sun came out from the cloud briefly, turned pink and orange, and hid again.  My morning walk – from a different perspective. 


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