Posted: 12/04/22

Sunset 23 March - Lynn Wise

I chose this date because it was the date of the first lockdown and the date I began to be ill with Covid; six weeks of my life I wouldn’t like to live through again!  And a few weeks ago announced Day of Reflection.  Blessed that I, my family and friends are still around me and we survived the last two years together!  I thought about the last two years during my Vigil and how proud I am of this city I call home.  Born and bred in Kingston upon Hull and always happy to tell the world about my great city.  And none more so than during my Vigil as I overlooked this beautiful place I call home and all those who have gone before me: great pioneers, great statesmen and the great people who make Kingston upon Hull the amazing city it is!  And all those to come.  A great privilege to have spent my hour reflecting about everything in my life which is important to me.

And, last but not least, the amazing sunset which was the icing on the cake.

A big thank you to my lovely Companion Tony Robinson!


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