Sunset 22 June

Posted: 03/08/21

Sunset 22 June 2021 - MIRANDA VAN ROSSUM

The first thing I noticed was the noise.  Don’t know why, but I was expecting it to be so much quieter.  Also – insects.  Again, don’t know why I thought there wouldn’t be any up this high but there were plenty.  Mainly mozzies, so was pleased I was behind glass!


I loved watching the birds, especially the flocks of tiny black birds that kept on flying by.  It took me a while to move beyond just observing and for my mind to slow down.  It wasn’t until the last twenty minutes or so, when the sun started to set properly, that I became fully focused on just that, and very in the moment.


One of the reasons I signed up for this particular slot was that I wanted to hold on to the light for as long as possible, and I hope I did.

Hold on to the light, and remember, you’re above it all. You can hear it, you can register it, but you don’t have to let it in.

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