Posted: 12/04/22

Sunset 21 March - Caroline Bell

My anxiety was causing knots in my stomach but my determination and excitement to face my fears drove me up and on.

 A misty eve but still a spectacular view.  First impression the scent, caravanning holidays with my Mum, Dad and brother.  So I felt safe.  Waves of vertigo would stop me stepping forward but I stepped backwards and forwards until I touched the glass, both ends.  My contemplation led to thoughts on sending my love to everyone in the city, opening my heart and beaming love and positivity to the world.  Sending hope to everyone lost and scared.  And also wondering if the ‘eat by date’ on my chicken would be OK tomorrow.  Then berating myself – I’m in a box higher than Mr Wilberforce – focus – the lights started to flicker on, traffic building, people like ants.  I’m invisible and visible at the same time.  This experience is amazing and powerful as my mind races on from how to save the city to saving myself.  I will reflect on this for some time and have many more thoughts, I’m sure.  Thank you.


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