Sunset 21 August

Posted: 16/09/21

Sunset 21 August 2021 - GARY KIRK

I’ve been up on the roof of the college many times but always working.  A totally different experience to stop and really look and think for an extended period of time.  Usually my brain doesn’t allow me to relax and I found it a therapeutic experience – serious but with a few elements of comedy thrown in.  Hull on a Saturday night isn’t what it once was but a few members of the public made me chuckle.  On a deeper note, as it got darker, the ferry leaving Hull for Rotterdam caught my attention bringing back many memories – mostly great and a little sad the ferry to Belgium has been axed.  The demolished mill replaced with the Siemens factory just beyond and my own ghostly apparition as it got darker, the clearly visible striplight in the glass framing my own barely visible shadowy outline, quite eerie.  All in all I’m glad I took part.  It gave me time to think and take the city in.

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