Posted: 07/04/22

Sunset 20 March - Kay-Lee Dinsdale-Sherrington

What an experience!  It was truly lovely to watch over the City of Hull as the sun set, a city that is so close to my heart and has the roots of my family running through it.  Despite some clouds drawing in, the view was absolutely spectacular as I watched the sun completely disappear behind them.  I was surprised to realise that, even when the sun has completely set, the city is still light and as busy as ever.  I looked down to see my ant-sized grandparents who have lived in Hull their whole lives and followed their parents’ path.  I am no longer as close to Hull and my family which, at times, has been hard.  The Vigil has helped me to realise that it is important to stay in touch with family and friends but not to worry when life gets in the way because I know they will love me no matter what.  When they left I felt very emotional and shed a few tears as they are getting older and time is precious. 

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience that I will remember forever.  X 


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