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Posted: 12/01/22

Sunset 2 December - Kate Hunt

What an absolute privilege to spend this time watching over this beautiful city I call home.  Always been part of the city but this felt something so much more – part of the heartbeat and the hour passed in a heartbeat.  A clear, crisp winter afternoon, a dusting of snow across the city.  A city often referred to as the end of the line but, for me today, not the end nor the beginning but part of the on-going circle of life.  And this was brought to my mind very clearly when I saw my daughter and granddaughter in Queen’s Gardens, Alice stamping in the snow and hiding in the willow trees – a sense of the essence of life.  I was surprised at how much sound there was: traffic, sirens, voices and laughter of students leaving college.  And, as dusk fell and the lights came on, the sun set over the Humber, the sky turned pink, and I just thought what an amazing experience: emotional, spiritual, magical.  I am so pleased to have been part of the Vigil – the words of Places I Remember came to mind!

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