Posted: 07/04/22

Sunset 19 March - Nicole Steele

What a lovely and peaceful way to spend an hour! 

The sky was completely clear and blue and the first thing that struck me as I looked to the East was the serenity of the gulls flying. 

As I looked to the West, the sun was blindingly bright – I should have brought sunglasses! 

I watched as vehicles and people moved around the city at different paces – the boats on the Humber, the cars and buses on the roads and the many people gathering to enjoy The Awakening.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of people come and spend some time looking at the Wilberforce statue.  They all seemed to slow down and be more contemplative as they did. 

A few spotted me and waved, so I waved back feeling a strange sense of watching whilst also being watched albeit by only a few who looked up to notice the vigil. 

It has been truly wonderful and relaxing to watch over Hull as the beautiful sun set over the city – thank you for the opportunity. 



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