Sunset 17 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunset 17 July 2021 - PAUL RENNISON

My 73rd birthday.

An unforgettable experience!

My overwhelming feeling was of sadness at the lack of shipping on the Humber; saw only one vessel – Pride of Hull (Rotterdam).  I thought back of my years in the Merchant Navy 1960-70 and how many times I have sailed down the Humber to the sea and the places I visited, as the sun set.

I noticed the half moon hanging high above the Humber south bank and I thought of my maternal grandfather who served his time as a shipwright at Warrens Shipyard New Holland where he met my grandmother whose family lived and worked on the keelboats on the Humber and the rivers and canals of South Yorkshire.

Thanks to my daughter Keri for booking for me.

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