13th June SunSet

Posted: 29/06/21

Sunset 13 June 2021- Mark Padley

My hour flew by performing/watching the sunset and the few remaining people slowly leave.

You can see across the city and beyond, the towers of the Bridge, the intermingling roads, the boats heading in and out, a couple of planes bringing people to the area. You can see the development and renovation in every direction. You see the wind turbines spinning as well as being built. A city possibly underestimated but very welcoming. Nearly missed the sunset as looking around so much but it was hidden by the clouds! I’ve seen new pavements I want to walk and buildings I didn’t know existed waiting there to be visited.

My company is proud to support the local community with this venture and it feels great to be given the opportunity to take part in something greater than myself even if only for a short while.

A tranquil experience, a time to reflect, a gentle nudge to keep moving forward.

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