Posted: 29/06/21

Sunset 12 June 2021 -Julia Brown

I looked East more than I looked West not sure if because of the strong sun setting or I could identify more landmarks that way. Hull seemed full but also very small. The edges are clearly defined. The River Humber, Craven Park a ghostly beacon as the sun caught it and in the distance the tower blocks on Ings and Bransholme. The West was less clear, my usual landmarks all moved around by perspective, but Hull ending just before the Humber Bridge. North was just green and the tops of trees no way of working out my own building! In fact, I was surprised by how many trees there are a lovely midsummer blanket of green!

I enjoyed as always watching people, boats and the odd bird. Towards the end of the time I was just watching the sun drop below the horizon and a few lights come on. Some people waved as I became backlit in the sky too funny!

“There’s a lot of sky in Hull.” John Godber said this a few years ago and it’s a big old little flat city!

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