Posted: 29/06/21

Sunset 11 June 2021 - Keith Pinder

This was a wonderful experience and one I am so pleased to have been able to do. For me not to do anything is very rare, even when watching TV I usually have my laptop sat working, so to not touch my phone for an hour was unique. This gave me time to reflect on the last 12/18 months which had seen changes for me and also to be able to look to the future.

While standing watching the sunset with nothing and no distractions gave the opportunity to watch the colour changes and cloud formations and shapes. One very last thing was watching a seagull fly past and suddenly thinking how high they fly.

For me also this was a triumph for someone that doesn’t do heights and I would like to thank Hanna and my buddy Kate for the reassurance they gave and the confidence to complete the vigil.

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