Sunset 11 August

Posted: 29/08/21

Sunset 11 August 2021 - ALISON E BATEMAN

When you are in a box with only two windows for an hour, it gives you a proper chance to reflect, imagine, observe and just be at one with yourself whilst looking at people.

I recently lost my darling husband, Gavin, to a long battle with two types of cancer.  So my emotions were, and still are, quite raw.  This experience was a last-minute event and I could hear Gavin in my head urging me to do it.

His mascot, a little toy pig called Ernest, was in the box with me and we sang and marveled at the beauty of the sky atop the city of my birth.  The city I love so much.

Although it was rather cloudy, the embers of sun shone through in between and lined them with gold.  As the light faded away my thoughts turned to my Gavin and I admit to having a little weep.

I have a long way to go in my grief and this experience has taught me how to be still and to be calm amongst the ever moving of time.  I have had an hour of calm and peace.

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