Posted: 20/06/21

Sunrise 6 June 2021 - Rachel Farr

I absolutely loved my experience of a sunrise vigil.  Having an hour without the usual distractions and busyness of normal life where there is always something to do was fabulous.  The sunrise was glorious and cast the city in a golden glow for a short time before clouding over.  I looked over the rooftops of Hull, spotting landmarks old and new – everything from the City Hall and Maritime Museum to the Siemens factory and wind turbine blades, the Humber Bridge, Drystone Bridge and a glimpse of the very new Murdoch’s Crossing.  I saw a line of geese flying west along the Humber, railway carriages in a car park, colourful lichen and bright blue steel.  Two of Hull’s iconic cream telephone boxes.  The peace was almost palpable, if that can happen.   

 I really like Philip Larkin’s poetry and think he would definitely have approved of standing and looking out of high windows across to other high and low windows of our great city of Hull, the eclectic architectural styles from different periods and to the endless beyond. 

 Thank you Hull. 


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