Posted: 31/05/21

Sunrise 5 May 2021 - Helen Stubbs

I was initially surprised how ‘beautiful’ the pod actually was.  The view over the city is incredible.  I worked for over 20 years at the Old Queens Gardens police station so lots of memories here.


I was fortunate to have the most amazing cloud free, clear morning and could see the Wolds and across the Humber and even the Humber Bridge.  The sunrise was bright and clear, at one point I could no longer look out of the east side as the sun was so bright!


We don’t often have the opportunity to spend an hour alone in perfect peace and this experience reminded me that an hour is actually a long time. 


I think I would have liked to have been here earlier to see the dawn break too.


I didn’t feel too high up or worried and was able to look William Wilberforce in the eye almost.  Thank you for giving me this most amazing opportunity, one I will always remember. 


Thanks Shaun for being the perfect host too.




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