Posted: 20/06/21

Sunrise 3 June 2021 - Leanne Ayre

I recalled a proverb of how the sun has only one day.  That each day is a new sun and so it was important to spend each day honouring that existence.  I watched her rise, concentrated and red, putting her energy into climbing.  I watched her light up the whole sky allowing us to witness the day.  There’s a beauty to Hull.  It’s not a beauty found in forests or in rolling hills but it’s there.  I remembered past events and festivals and thought about how buildings which often feel so imposing now seemed so insignificant.  I appreciated the traffic and the chimneys starting up and how this was my sunrise.  How I kept vigil on her and how she would keep her vigil over the city for the day until someone comes tonight to honour the end of her watch.  There’s a real freedom in losing your connection for an hour.   


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