29th June Sunrise

Posted: 07/08/21

Sunrise 29 June 2021 - GRAHAM CHESTERS

‘Lonely northern daughter’ was Larkin’s description of Hull.  And that’s what it felt like as the city awoke: lorries and cars first, then the odd cyclist, and even odder pedestrian – and then the first buses (!).  A flashing ambulance.  Poor soul.  Then the surprise of a litter-picker, hi-vis and black bag.  All this before 5.30.  There was one moment early on when there was a brilliant, flame-red glimpse of sun through the clouds, shifting its shape.  Then it was gone.  Time passing struck me most, not just the hour but the history of change captured in the buildings of a city, buildings laid out east-west like the Vigil shelter, Holy Trinity, HRI, The Guildhall, all parallel with Wilberforce’s gaze.  Only Hull College with its insistent north-south seems to stand out.  A real privilege to have time and chance to be part of what art can bring.

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