Sunrise 29 August

Posted: 16/09/21

Sunrise 29 August 2021 - KELLY SHAKESBY

Such a journey to have.  Watching over the city started so quickly getting my bearings, identifying the buildings and finding places of my life.  Then the memories start flooding back of times in Queens Gardens over the years with friends and family, then scanning the city for more.  Wondering how my families’ memories would differ.  The history of their lives, moving here from afar, finding each other, staying and making it my home.  The times spent in the hospital both good and bad, hours studying in the University, being in the schools, teaching in the schools.  Being connected to others but also stranger to so many.

My thoughts moved to the buildings and how much they must have seen.  The range of styles, the Bridge and white phone boxes.  How life was like in the War with all the bombings with so much lost.  How the city rebuilt itself.  I feel my roots and am reminded I belong to the City and not it to me.  Just as the sun will always rise and set, the City will go on, suffer, enjoy, celebrate and adapt. 

An amazing journey from a small wooden box.  What an adventure, thanks!

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