Posted: 25/10/21

Sunrise 27 September - Maureen Richardson

Very windy morning, waiting with anticipation and trepidation of what was going to happen.  The sky was lovely shades of pink and the bright sun was just emerging.  When I went into the box I was surprised how small it was and it wasn’t square! 

I immediately went to the window on the East but was a bit disappointed that the sunrise was obscured by the Shotwell building.  My first thoughts were about the noise of the wind but the box was secure and I felt safe. 

I watched a few people going about their daily routines and saw the prison in the background which reminded me I was born on Hedon Road and continued to live in Hull for the next 64 years.  I felt a pang of pride for the City as I watched over it. 

I saw a boat winding its way up the Humber and towards Hedon Road dock then slowly passing the houses of Victoria Dock.  Where had it been? 

I kept being drawn to an old house on Dock Street and thought about times in years gone by. 

I realised at the end, my thoughts had not been about me and my life and current situations. 


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