Sunrise 25 June

Posted: 03/08/21

Sunrise 25 June 2021 - NICOLE NICHTERN

What a privilege to watch the city of my birth slowly wake!  To take time to breathe and take in the familiar sights.  The buildings and streets ever-changing but at their heart the streets I have travelled constantly through my life.  To remember my father leaving in the early hours to go to the docks; how many times must he have looked in awe at our city waking. 

To watch the grey mist and drizzle come in (a reassuring sign that some things don’t change!).  Watching those who watch over us through the night prepare our city for the day ahead a gentle reminder to be grateful to those unseen heroes who keep our streets safe, clean and flowing.  A gratitude to the people of this hardworking, grey city with a heart of gold.

Thank you to all concerned for a privilege few will get to experience!

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