Posted: 12/04/22

Sunrise 23 March - Eileen Hodgson

Thick fog this morning!  It was still amazing to be here.  I was so glad to have Mr Wilberforce keeping me company.

It was a wonderful feeling to just ‘be’.

On this day of reflection, I spent my time thinking about all that has happened over the last two years and felt privileged to be able to be here and see the sunrise.

I chose this date as it’s the day my daughter was born – I thought about her and my sons and grandchildren and all the new life beginning today.

My Dad died a year ago.  I remembered him and felt I could say goodbye to him from this special place.

Although I couldn’t see much, I did hear the sounds of the city awakening and watch the birds!

A peaceful, special experience.

Thank you for organising this unique experience.



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