Posted: 20/06/21

Sunrise 22 May 2021 - Zamzam Ziaei

At first, I wasn’t so sure regarding taking part in this project but I love new experiences and am wanting to broaden my horizons all the time.  The more I learnt about the project the more fond of it I became and now, having had the privilege to take part, I definitely have no regrets. 

A one-hour window, in a safe space, with no materialistic distractions and overlooking a city you live and breathe in every day is truly unique.  Although it was cloudy and I did not see the sunrise, I appreciated the slow transition from night to day and went on my own internal journey.  I tried being mindful of the moment, my breathing and my surroundings but still was distracted many times by the thought of what was on my to do list and general life worries. 

 I used prayer and the remembrance of my creator to centre myself with each distraction because, as a believer in God, I find this remembrance is the only thing that humbles me and really allows me to let go and submit to the present and to submit to his plan.  Watching over the monument for William Wilberforce I could not help but think about the stand he made for change and justice in his time and reflect on what my role is in the injustices that take place around me in 2021. 

 Overall, a unique reflective experience which I would recommend to all and feel blessed to be part of a global community to take part in this. 

Thank you to the curators and organisers. 


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