Posted: 12/04/22

Sunrise 21 March - Caroline Wolverston

Spring Equinox.

A misty morning with fast-moving cloud but suddenly the top of the building opposite looked like it was on fire and the mist cleared to reveal the sunrise – what a privilege!  Shortly after the sun cleared the Shotwell building the heavy mist descended and the building completely disappeared as did the sun.

I was born in the East of Hull and now live in the West.  The Pod joins the two.  The East represents a happy past and the West a hopeful future – invisible and visible threads connecting the two.  Life is about connections – physical, social, environmental, spiritual.  The journey of the Vigil connects those who have gone before and those still to come.  In the Pod with my own thoughts but the memories of those who have gone before still lingering in the space.  Active Art – now connected to others by an invisible thread of shared experience.

Thank you for the unique opportunity.


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