Sunrise 20 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunrise 20 July 2021 - BEN NORTON

What a joy it is to have choice!  To choose an hour of isolation was pure joy.  But to be separated from loved ones as I and so many have over this past year has been wretched!  My hope before entering the box was to feel a deep sense of connectedness with this City I love so much, but I found once in there it was the complete opposite.  But as the time slowly passed I recalled the people, places and situations from my past, those precious moments, that then drew me deeper into that sacred connection I have with this place.  As the sunrise broke through the clouds just before my time was up, my heart lifted as the light rippled over everything in a pure golden peace.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not put it out!

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