Sunrise 20 August

Posted: 15/09/21

Sunrise 20 August 2021 - CLARE CROOKS

I felt calm, invigorated, de-stressed yet energised after that experience.  It was a rush to get here but once in the box everything else melted away and I could just experience the city in a new way and enjoy the space, the view, the light. 

Is that fog or water?  Mist or river?  Am I missing something?  So much to take in.  The sun rose quite quickly and peeked through streaky clouds at me.  Higher still and blinked.  Suddenly it was bright and round and shiny and the gutters of roofs twinkled in its light.  Such a variety of windows and roofs, all shapes, sizes, colours I hadn’t noticed.  A ferry s l o w l y coming in to dock.  The Humber, gaping openly at me.  A bank of dark cloud enveloped my bright orange sun and then a hole, a jagged heart-shaped hole, allowed a crescent to peek through like the moon.  Surrounded by a patchwork of dark grey, pale orange and well, sky blue!  For there is no other way to describe such a colour!  At one point the clouds formed the shape of a man.  An old man laying on his back looking up at the rest of the sky contentedly.  His arms behind his head on a comfortable pillow.  He looked so happy.  I smiled and turned to admire the view behind me and wondered at all the different buildings.  A conical roof I’d never seen.  The Kraken looking like little worms on the Maritime Museum rather than a menacing monster!  How beautiful our city is.  How different it looks depending which way you face.  A city of two halves yet united by water, by history.  I feel privileged to have had this time up on the roof of Hull!  It makes me want to go just a little higher and peek over the next building, the next line of trees in the distance.  How far you can see!  It took me aback just how far the view extended.  And breathe.  I could breathe and felt the day, the city waking up, for all the world looking like a detailed model village with moving parts.  What a fantastic way to experience the city.  Thank you for the opportunity.  I will treasure it.  Surreal and serene.

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