Posted: 07/04/22

Sunrise 18 March - Nichola Glossop

I was absolutely blessed with a beautiful calm, clear day and a stunning golden amber sunrise.  Behind me the full moon also shone out clearly.  I was mindful coming into my vigil this morning of the enormous changes in our world since I first signed up over a year ago – globally, locally and within my own little world with my daughter and her illness that has consumed so much over this past year. 

As I watched that sunrise, echoed behind me with the full moon, I was full of an immense sense of hope.  Of blessings to come now and in the future, and thoughtful of all that we wish to let go of in our world – those things we want to see the end of, leave behind as we move forward.  That is what I take with me today as I move forward and that is the gift I felt for Hull this morning: blessings and hopefulness. 


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