Posted: 19/10/21

Sunrise 15 September - Sue Clark

What a wonderful way to start the day!  The sun inched its way through the low level clouds to shine gloriously.  I felt it provided me with my own personal spotlight – me, the custodian of my city, watching it come to life.  Or was I just a peeping-tom?!  I saw what ‘William Wilberforce’ sees daily, but so much more. 

I heard the dull traffic noise in the background with the odd seagull cutting across it with a screech.  I’d loved to have seen a busy river with boats, ships and barges but those days are gone.  It was good to see the Time Ball in place and get an idea of its size. 

I felt myself exhaling the long, involuntary breaths of contentment and calm – noticing this surprised me, strangely. 

My Hull woke up to a blue sky today which will spread cheer, I’m certain. 

Thank you for giving me a place, a link in this year-long chain; and to my two Companions for their support and company. 

What a birthday celebration!!!  Thank you. 


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