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Posted: 03/08/21

Sunrise 15 June 2021 - David Webster

Where to start: even at this . . . . . hour the brain is very active.  Only seven days to the longest day!  The sun is just appearing well in the North East; just a light covering of clouds in the sky.  The gulls are up, wheeling around below me, as are the pigeons.  My eyes are drawn to the distance; Grimsby tower, the wind turbines dotted around near the horizon.  Looking west, the Humber Bridge with very little traffic.  Nearby lorries, even a Coupland's taking his bread and cakes to customers down Holderness Road.


Cyclists are quite numerous, far more than cars, all dressed sensibly with reflective clothing.  Only two people walking.  Well, one shuffling more than walking. 


As the hour progresses too quickly the mind still races on as does the Sun climbing higher above the horizon.  The geography around Hull becomes more noticeable; the River Hull itself is almost insignificant from this height; just the mud showing. 


Lastly: You do notice the buildings.  Thank goodness not all the Old Buildings were destroyed either by bombs or bulldozers.  Princess Quay is a sight to behold!


Thank you and Au revoir.

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