Posted: 19/10/21

Sunrise 13 September- Scarlett Leedham

Hull, a city of two halves and what an amazing experience to watch the sunrise over the East, awakening the rest of the city so perfectly. 

To initially watch the bright orange autumn sun rise, shining light over the industrial buildings of Siemens and Salt End, the lights twinkling over the A63.  As more cars whizzed by on the A63 as it approached rush hour on a Monday morning to watch the P and O ferry so peacefully and calmly docking, helped my mind really slow down.  My Grandma always told me to ‘look up’ to the buildings when we walked around the City, always telling me about their history.  But what an amazing experience to look down on them, to see them from above.  To see each building’s roof top. 

Thank you for this experience, it was truly wonderful to watch my city wake up.  



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