Posted: 29/06/21

Sunrise 13 June 2021 - Elizabeth Heywood

I was lucky to witness a spectacular sunrise over the city of Hull. It was magnificent, from windows burnt orange to hazy lemon, the rays spread out across as far as the eye could see. It caught the Shotwell building, making it appear on fire, before extending to the turbine blades at Siemens, giving them a halo effect. The sunlight lingered on the turbine blades for the whole hour. It seemed to underline the message of climate change in a city that stands to be lost to rising seas: out with the old, harmful ways, your future lies in the wind, the seas and sustainable food production Rooted in Hull sitting defiantly “under” the blades. Then Queens Gardens ravaged, the only large green space in the city centre. Depleted. Wrong. But all is not lost Hull College has a plethora of flat roofs that can be harnessed to grow food or harvest the sun. The message is clear we must look forward and be bold


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