Posted: 28/06/21

Sunrise 10 June 2021 - Mark Clayton

Hull is not a high rise city; like its people, it prefers to be practical rather than showy.

No broken shards of ‘elevated bling’ to draw the eye skyward but look closer and you see that there’s depth and detail and wonder to behold in the architecture of a city that knows hard work. That long history of hard work and toil leaves a mark and everywhere you look, there are reminders of that past.

And yet, Hull is not standing still and is certainly not content to dwell in those past glories. The wind! Once, it bore the sons and daughters of Hull across the seas and Hull did not forget. Now, it brings prosperity in the promise of clean, renewable energy and Hull is ringed with delicate turbines that, with each turn of the blade, demonstrate that we are not standing still.

Hull. A green city. A hard-working city. My home.


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