Sunrise 10 Aug

Posted: 22/08/21

Sunrise 10 August 2021 - FREDDIE GARLAND

To watch the sun begin to appear through a slice in the sky whilst the east of the city seems to awaken faster than the west.

To hear the traffic steadily increase like waves crashing on a shoreline, the bold seagulls playing around the windows picking up pace as they rise and fall, only one to begin with, then three, then five.

The serenity of green spaces in abundance within our city centre is something that, once above it all, you cannot help but notice and yet from within its grounds you have little sense of.

It’s really interesting how the east of the city seems to rise faster than the west and how the heavy industry seems to be dominant there – perhaps there’s a rationale to this planning.  I’ve loved the whole experience and could go on about everything I’ve noticed and questioned this morning for hours.  What a wonderful concept to come up with.

Personally this morning’s sunrise meant a lot for me.  Since not long before the lockdowns were enforced, with Brexit blues and preparations taking place I’ve not managed to see my dad as he’s in another country.  But I know he’s awake at silly o’clock every day and photographs the sunrise from his window for me to awaken to.  This morning we both watched the sun from our different corners of the world and for the first time in a very long time he felt right by my side.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.


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