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Posted: 15/10/21

Sunset 9 September - Sarah Penney

On my way out of the door of my house as I left to take the sunset vigil, I broke a vase.  Classic. 

 “Don’t worry,” said my understanding partner.  “Enjoy your quiet time.” 

 That’s me, you see.  As a dyspraxic person with ADHD my life is chaotic.  Everything is noise and everything is breakable. 

In the glass box on top of Hull College.  I hoped for some peace and quiet, a moment of stillness, of reflection.  I needn’t have bothered. 

I spent an hour watching the rain beat against the glass, drumming a rhythm on the wood.  I spoke out loud, I sang songs I haven’t listened to for years and walked back and forth from one window to another, watching the raindrops manipulate unknowing pedestrians. 

 No revolutions. 

No peace. 

No quiet. 

Just me, being in a glass box. 

As I watched the streetlights flicker on and seagulls turn into bats, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Who needs stillness anyway?” 


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