Posted: 15/10/21

Sunset 8 September - Cathy Roberts

Watching movements and moments of stillness.  The start and stop of daily life.  A warm glow washes over me and the light fills my space.  My eyes close and I empty my thoughts and feel the passing of time.   

 Changes.  The sun sinks lower, reflections in the lake change constantly and yet there is a stillness.  I watch the people in the park going about their lives.  A cyclist passes, a dog races through the park.  And then the trees below in the courtyard, their leaves rustling in the light wind.  My attention flicks to the skyline and the sinking sun, before me the wind turbine, relentlessly rotating in the same wind.  My attention shifts from the ground to above the skyline and I watch the clouds holding their shape in the face of the sun.  I’m back in the near ground, the buildings, the statue captures my eye.  Does that watch over Hull too? 

 Stillness and solitude.  The ever-present sun sinks.  In a world of constant change, reliable, predictable, soothing even.  For a while the glow remains.  A reminder and a promise of tomorrow. 

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