Posted: 28/10/21

Sunset 8 October - Anne Welham

At first I just wanted to see everything, pick out familiar buildings.  After a few minutes I began to focus on smaller areas of the city.  Looking to the east, the familiar towers of HMP Hull my focus.  Searching where Hedon Road Maternity used to be, where I was born and where I worked as a midwife.  Reflecting on the lifetime I have spent here.  This city where my grandparents, parents and children were born.  I see the Guildhall where grandad was a night watchman in the smart black houses; jacket and peaked cap with the shiny three crowns badge at the front.  His crisp white shirt and his shiny shoes.  Looking east again I see a security guard in hi-vis vest and short-sleeved polo shirt.  Times have changed.   

I see lots of birds up here from sparrow to pigeons, crows, magpie, seagulls, geese and a lone swan. 

I look hard to find the magpie a mate but one for sorrow it is.  Apt on the day the city says farewell to our very own ‘Bee Lady’ #bemorejean. 

The sunset was dappled, the sun playing hide and seek between low cloud but glorious none the less.   


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