Sunset 8 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunset 8 July 2021 - MICHELLE DEE

Extraordinary.  Imagine if that was your job to stand watch over the city till somebody told you to stop.  It’s like a task of a deity.  You can’t help feel a bit closer to something: a spirit, a Goddess, the very large bumble bee that wanted in with me.  I said some prayers to all those I loved and who loved me.  I spoke out loud to begin with until I was bathed in a golden glow from the setting sun where I began to whisper, ‘Be safe.  I am watching you,’ over and over like a mantra and I regulated my breathing, stopped trying to notice things and stared into the distance drinking it all in.  An extraordinary experience.  And I spoke to, and made peace with, those I needed to, those I’ve not seen for months and even years.  It’s like a ritual, a cleansing.  I feel different somehow.  Be safe.  I am watching you . . . .

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